2011 is destined to be awesome

Things are happening all the time
I know that this year that is approaching will be a year of change. I can see my photographic future beginning to take form in the sense of me making a living out of it...again. Some 20 years ago I made a living out of photography...then with porrtraitures, brides, models, press and magasines. I endured that life for about 3 years and then I put my tools down. I picked up new tools a few years back and I'm ready to go pro again....And I really believe I can do it...without taking pictures of brides, without striving for 1st page stuff in Verdens Gang and without having to work to get work. I firmly believe that my knowledge and talent will help me making photography a way to pay for food,house and all the rest we're doomed to pay for...)
Absolutely positive regarding the upcomming year.
Happy New Year everybody.