Thinking about Phlogging...;)
Dear photofriends

For quite som time now I've been thinking about starting up a blog. Yes, a blog about photography. I know, there are a gazillion photoblogs out there so why even attempt on starting up such a thing. Well, I'll tell you why : I've been shooting pictures for about a quarter of a century (phew I'm getting old). I've ben shooting pics for weddings, parents,commercial agencies,newspapers, books,magazines,brochures, calendars, projects ,events, models, courses, clubs, lost souls,housesellers, stockholders and so many many more...
I feel that I have knowledge and background enough to inspire others and even help others.
I would very much appreciate it if you were to follow my ideas,knowledge and thoughts...I do believe I'm worth it! ;)
But I have not decided yet...strongly considering it though.