This is me

Born in the summer of '68 and love nature. Living on the Northwest coast of Norway more precisely The municipality of Skodje .
Photography is a passion of mine. And a passion is timeconsuming. But I can't help spending time on this passion of mine. It's such a good feeling when I pack up my gear and head for nature or wherever my ideas decide to take me. I have ambitions and in time those ambitions will be fullfilled. So if you want to know me, the best way is to know my pictures.

Photographic background:
- Worked as a profesional labtechnician for 6 years developing film, copying colour and b/w copies for professional photographers
- Selfemplyed as a portraitphotographer for 3 years
- Modelphotographer for about 2 years
- Worked 3 years as a pressphotographer in "Verdens Gang"(Norways biggest newspaper)
- Worked about 10 years as a photographer/journalist in Norways largest divingmagazine "Dykking".
- I've won several photographic contests
- Have held exhibitions
- Pictures from me have been printed in national and international magazines as well as several books
- Education- "New York School Of Photography"
- Have done several advertising jobs

If you feel like writing to me,please use my contactform for the guestbook. I smile every time someone leaves a message :)