Every photographer is inspired by someone or something. I get my inspiration from various angles...
I have a few photographers that inspire me. The first I want to mention is Marc Adamus . In my eyes he's the number one when it comes to landscapes. I also appreciate the works from Richard van Hoesel and Galen Rowell. Inspiration also comes from looking at the B/W pictures from Gérard Laurenceau..delicate stuff.
I don't have any more photographers that really inspire me to be honest. BUT there are so many good ones and once in a while I "borrow" ideas,work them and make them my own.But then again,ALL photographers get an idea from somewhere :). I try to have my own style...recognizable for those interested.
But music is my major source of inspiration. When I drift along in nature I always listen to music on my Ipod. People keep telling me: "you have to listen to the sound of nature to get the feeling of nature". Well, I don't agree! My pictures from nature are a result of the music I was listening to whilst snapping. AND I do have my favourites :
Vangelis,Secret Garden,Evanescence and Within Temptation seem to trigger something inside me.When listening to their music I become one with nature. The music completes my emotions.
And if I have to choose just one of these artists I'd go for Secret Garden. Not just because Secret Garden is half norwegian and half irish( those who know me,know how much I love Ireland) but because SG hits me right where my inner me hides. Thank you Secret Garden !
And finally I get inspired by all of you who tell me that you like my pictures. I get so proud every time I get a positive word about my pics.
I can not forget to mention my worst critics either. Without their consistant criticism I wouldn't have learned how to improve. You know who you are :)