Opp gjennom årene har jeg fått være med i noen fotokonkurranser og mye har gått bra :)
1996-Norwegian champion in underwaterphotography
1996-Norwegian cahampionship in nature photography,
1997-Nordic championship in underwater photography,
1999-2005 No photographic equipment whatsoever ( I was fed up)
2006-bought myself a digital Nikon
2007-Competing again and winning several smaller competitions
2008-Winning more competitions
2009-getting to amongst the 28 best photographies in POTY(the worlds biggest photocontest) in two categories.
2010- Silver medal in "Photographer of the year" in Biofoto (A scandinavian nature photography ensemble)
2010- Picture of the Year in Biofoto , amongst several thousand pictures.
2011-Silver medal once again in Biofoto "Photographer og the Year"
2011- Nature photography of the Year In Hønefoss national competition
2011- Gold medal in NSFf's Championship in Norway, class: colour print.
2012- Scandinavian Photographic Champion in Colour class.Gold medal and UPI medal.
2013-Started to compete in international competitions. Won several medals in different countries.
2014-4 awards in the national championship (Norway). And several awards and acceptances internationally.
2014-Awarded bronze,silver and gold plaque in the Norwegian branch of FIAP.(NSFF)
2015-Awarded 2 bronze medals and a HO in the Norwegian Championship.
2015- Awarded Silver, Gold and Gold with blue badge in the Norwegian branch of FIAP (NSFF)
2015- Was also awarded the title "Artiste" in the Norwegian branch of FIAP and then finally I was awarded "Excellence" (which is a step higher than "Artiste").
2018- Winner of the Norwegian Championship of Photography. Collecting several medals in different classes.