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Nikon,just because...
At this moment: October 2018 I have 4 Nikon bodies.
I have a D700, D800,D610 and a D750. Delightful tools that do the job I expect a camera to do. I'll never change to another brand.(maybe...)
6 speedlights, all Nikon sb-900
Lenses for the time beeing:
16 mm Nikon Fisheye f/2.8
20 mm Nikon f/1.8
16-35 mm Sigma f/4
50 mm Nikon f/1.4
85 mm Nikon f/1.8
105 mm Sigma macro f/2.8
180 mm Nikon f/2.8
70-200 mm Sigma f/2.8
70-200 mm Nikon f/2.8 VRII
80-200 mm Tokina f/2.8 (manual)
300 mm Nikon f/4
2x teleconverter